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99Software provides a simple solution for those who want to buy traffic on the site. We provide direct access to the millions of current visitors currently available in our extensive daily network. Your website will be displayed to visitors who choose from our consulting options available on our network.

99Software is the world leader in delivering pop ads to thousands of customers daily. We are proud to constantly grow in our network to include all the niches and locations our customers need, and to facilitate the purchase of website traffic.

Every website needs constant traffic to be successful online. This can be very difficult and expensive if it is based solely on organic visitors. Take action today and direct thousands of visitors directly to your website with our targeted advertising platform.


How does it work?

We have access to millions of unique visitors each month through our extensive network of publishers in our program. When you buy traffic on our network, we distribute your page directly to those visitors with selective segmentation. Our network includes several well-established search engines, two ISPs, thousands of websites, and a well-known domain registry that gives us access to millions of expired domains every day.

If you need to enter your advertising and buy traffic on our order page, our platform scans to our network in real time and only shows your website visitors who are in good condition to choose you, ensuring better chances of success. for our customers. , Unlike many other traffic providers, Traffic Master does not charge any additional fees. We offer a fixed CPM for all traffic options.
You have full access to your own cPanel, which allows you to control your traffic in real time. You can stop, cancel or change the destination URL at any time.

Free lifetime Support

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What traffic is for me?

All our visitors come from the same network; However, to simplify advertising, we have divided our traffic into four main categories so you can get the most out of every campaign. If you're buying traffic to your site, you'll have to choose one of the following options if you're not sure which ones are for you, a member of our team that can help you today.

Buy adult traffic:

For advertisers who manage their own adult sites, adult dating sites, or other adult related sites. If your content contains explicit material, you only need to buy in that category.

Buy Alexa Traffic:

This traffic is used to improve your ranking on We only show your website to visitors with the toolbar installed. You can only target by location.

Buy mobile traffic:

Now we can target mobile devices in our network for those who only want to promote mobile visitors. When you buy mobile traffic, you can choose the operating system, location, and demographics you want to promote.

Buy web traffic:

Talk to your visitors by niche, state and US state of UU. To increase the chances of a sale, you can participate or download. This is by far our most popular option. Visitors consist of desktop and mobile platforms and are powered by advertising.

Buy social traffic:

Now we can guide visitors to Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Our social visitors are friendly with Adsense and Google Analytics!

Why buy traffic on the website?

Targeted advertising increases your chances of reaching new customers and increasing the potential of your website. We offer our customers the opportunity to buy real traffic by sending their landing page to millions of visitors around the world. Talk to one of our support members or visit our information section for more information on how our platform works and how we can help you today.

Site visitors?

Increasing website traffic is critical to an online business. In addition, the quality of traffic contributes to better search engine rankings, especially if you want to increase sales and profits. But organic transport is not easy. In order to achieve a better quality of traffic, Businesses should focus on creating quality content and being regularly updated
With Boss Web Traffic we allow you up to 200,000 daily visits to your website. We carefully choose a combination of multiple data sources to make sure you get real visitors to the site. Buy visitors to our website to get their own transport service anytime.
While PPC, SEO and other digital marketing strategies are considered the best ways to increase traffic, you need to invest a lot of time and money to get great results. On the other hand, we help you to buy high-quality traffic and deliver faster results.
From now on, we offer you an online website traffic solution that offers your website thousands of choices. Most importantly, we offer you a unique system that will give you excellent web traffic while waiting for your website. Web for optimization through search engine optimization. No matter what you sell on your site, it's seen by potential visitors and you can turn those leads into sales. Buy website traffic and buy adult traffic.
99Software offers web traffic without pop-ups or banner ads and web traffic that displays the results. If you decide to buy our traffic program, you'll see a full view or page of your website that offers high conversion rates for all types of advertising on the sites.
Check out our new service page if you want to buy website traffic. You'll also get a better understanding of the variety of traffic we provide, and you'll also be able to choose the traffic program that best suits your website. so better web traffic for adults.

Types of traffic:

As everyone should know, what's happening in today's society is a new business, and we are developing programs that can help you generate more traffic. Thousands of visitors will be able to see your website with this very affordable traffic program.

Global Traffic:

This type of traffic will be delivered within 30 days. PopUps not allowed! This traffic could be delivered from anywhere in the world. 24 hours and only traffic.

Traffic in the category:

Direct category advertising is a very effective marketing style because it captures the masses looking for the service it offers.

Adult traffic

This traffic category applies only to adult websites. Popups not allowed! It is purposefully 24 hours traffic and unique

Get high-quality traffic:

At any time, your online business can receive high-quality website visits to get a better position and a better ranking. In addition to your marketing efforts, our web traffic service promotes your products and services to specific customers and produces a faster result.

Follow your visitors:

When you buy website visitors, you also have the opportunity to follow them. This allows you to consider the potential changes in marketing and sales strategies that would make more visitors your permanent customers. You can also track results in real time and see if your investment delivers the results you want.

Long-term repayment

When you select the web traffic service, you get the customers you want and 100% targeted to your website. In addition, you can address more and more customers in a timely manner. This helps improve the overall visibility of your brand, products and services, increasing sales and ensuring benefits.

Why choose us?

We help you achieve 100% human traffic and quality.
Use our dedicated traffic service in addition to SEO and other traditional methods of digital marketing.
Improve your Alexa ranking, reduce the bounce rate and motivate potential visitors to the site.
Get leads and buy high-quality traffic faster.
We use expired domains, XML sources, and traffic sources to drive traffic to your site.
Get support and a specialized service from our side.
99Software, Your reliable web traffic service for specific businesses.